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The Challenge.

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I have titled this blog post The Challenge because that’s exactly what I am going to do. I’m going to challenge you to incorporate your photos into your home and the homes of your loved ones! Whether you have just had a professional photography session or its been years, this blog is for you.

When is the last time you printed photos, made a wall collage or sent a loved one photos in the mail? I confess know people far more successful at these things than myself but I do make a genuine effort. Why? Because I have found that creating wall art with family photos transforms a house into a home. Treasured photos evoke the memory of the time and place they were taken. They bring to mind pleasant times. They add to the quality of our lives. When we give the gift of printed photography to others, it does the same for them. That’s a huge win!

Let’s break it down. What are my favorite ways to make use of photographs? I’m glad you asked! First off, I am a huge fan of printing the entire gallery of photos from a professional photo shoot. Go old school and put them in a photo book (Marshalls sells them). Or, spend a little more time and make them into a photo album from shutterfly or mpix. Stop! Why not order two books, keep one and give one as a Christmas gift! Or, at the very least, send a few 4×6 prints to Granny in the mail, it will make her week!

After the bulk of your photos are printed in some fashion, decide what photos are your favorites and where you have room to display them. Maybe it’s time to switch out those photos from 1990 on your wall with some fresh ones. The old ones can go on a wall in the basement perhaps. Next, and VERY IMPORTANTLY, decide what size you want to enlarge your photos to (or how large you want your canvas). Do me a favor, think BIG! Don’t order an 8×10 canvas that is going to stand alone on a large wall. If you like that size, make a gallery of 4 or 6, 8×10’s. I am available to help you with sizing your wall art if you are unsure. So where do I get my frames? I love Target’s frames the most for large frames. Marshalls has fantastic and cheap smaller frames! I was just there and had a hard time saying no to some. Go get them now! is a stellar place to purchase canvases and prints on wood (I have both and love them).

Last but not least, let’s talk Christmas cards. Yikes, those things are expensive! I However, don’t you love getting them in the mail from others?! Send those smiling faces to your loved ones this year. If you are interested in Christmas Minis, give me a shout! I’d love to help you out and bless your family in the process.

Thanks for reading! Go print those photos! Until next time,


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