Spring Mini + A Little Update

2020-04-19T08:31:55-04:00April 2nd, 2020|Categories: Recent News|

Just before Covid-19 reared its ugly head, Jessie Decker, the wedding coordinator at Gentleman’s Ridge Farmstead and I were able to do a pormo photo shoot for Spring Minis. I was thrilled to be able to photograph her with her two young sons in front of the triangle arch adorned with eucalyptus and home grown flowers. She has such a talent for all things flowers.

Unfortunately, with everyone’s health in mind I have postponed Spring Minis until the month of May. I am choosing to see the glass half full! I’m envisioning all the family photo sessions I’ll be doing in Danville this spring when our restrictions are lifted! Families across Virginia are going to be rejoicing upon the return to normalcy! Families will be reuniting, having backyard bbqs and pool parties! Having family photos taken is the perfect way to immortalize the successful completion of family boot camp so to speak!

Danville will no doubt be feeling the economic effect of Covid-19. In an effort to be sensitive to the changes that families will be experiencing, I am offering 10% off all Spring and Summer family sessions (does not include minis). Simply mention this post when you schedule your session! I am also planning to offer late Spring family minis in an effort to offer you photography services at a discounted cost.

I would be remiss if I did not offer a few words of advice to my Southern Virginia families. If the stress is piling up, stay away from your phone, computer and tv. Take more walks, drink more water, and breathe deeply. Put on music that is most special to you. Go through old boxes of photographs. Meditate on truths, not fears. Know you are cared for. The God of the Universe never sleeps nor slumbers. No darkness is too dark for Him. He will meet you where you are.

Until we meet in a field of flowers!

Laura Mae